Chain Kits

Chain Kits

AFAM Chain Kits

AFAM a dominant chain kit technology

AFAM chains and sprockets are perfectly adapted to each other.

We manage both elements and have the tolerances adjusted to each other so that the combination is a perfect transmission.

Less initial wear, less noise, less losses mean more mileage, more comfort and a more efficient transmission.

This makes the AFAM Chain Kit your best choice for which motorcycle whatsoever.

Your road bike, your sports bike, your off-road bike, your racing bike or your ATV, AFAM has it all. AFAM is the right choice with the correct chain quality adapted to your motorcycle.

Use the AFAM configurator to find the correct chain kit for your bike

Motobull can supply the full range of AFAM Chain Kits at the most competitive prices. If you cannot see the parts for your bike in the web store please give us a call, we're only too happy to help...or send us a message Contact Us

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