Staubli high pressure quick couplings are designed for the most demanding on-board applications, combining resistance with bayonet locking, compactness and lightness. Completely non-spill SPH BA connectors give you a guaranteed seal on connection and disconnection. Air does not penetrate, and there is no need to bleed the circuits.

Choose SPH/BA couplings and spend more time on the track!

High resistance
Even subjected to extreme vibrations, the connections are perfectly safe thanks to the bayonet locking system. Easy to identify, thanks to their blue or green color, the titanium versions are particularly strong.

Quick and easy
Just push and twist to make a secure The internal valve design ensures max- connection.

Non-drip, clean break, to guarantee the integrity of the fluids and the Lightness environment
The flush face design ensures no air enters the system when connecting as well as no leakage when disconnecting. This eliminates the need to purge the system and permits the use of pre-filled hoses.

Complete range:

  • 5 diameters
  • 3 constructions and seal types according to your fluid and application
  • 5 colours for easy identification of your circuits

Optimal flow
The internal valve design ensures maximum flow within the minimum outside diameter.

In red or yellow aluminium, and from only 23 g, the SPH/BA range includes a “featherweight” version.

Technical characteristics

2 types of seal:

  • For brake fluid - Ethylene propylene (EPDM). Add /JE at the end of the part number
  • For oils, mineral greases, nitrogen, gazoline - Fluorocarbon (FPM). Add /JV at the end of the part number

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