Energica Ego

Energica Ego

The Energica Ego is an electric sport motorcycle. It is claimed by Energica to be the world's first street-legal electric Italian sport motorcycle. The prototype finished in 2013 and the vehicle came into market in 2015.[1][2] The prototype was made with use of new technologies such as CNC and 3D-printing, including the dashboard and headlights which were 3D-printed.[3][4]


The Ego is an all-electric motorcycle. It has a 107 kW (143 hp) motor with 200 N⋅m (150 lbf⋅ft) of torque (at low RPM) giving it a top speed of 240 kilometres per hour (150 mph).[5] The motor is powered by an 11.7 kWh battery. The Ego weighs approximately 258–280 kg (569–617 lb), contributed by heavy weight of the battery.[6][7]

It has four-level adjustable engine braking, which is also regenerative.[8] The motor is situated near the cast aluminium swingarm and side mounted mono shock. Projector headlamps are used for headlights.[9] The dashboard is a 4.3″ TFT display.[9]

Before 2017, it had a 136 hp electric motor with 180 Nm torque.[10] However, the naked sibling 'Eva' produces 108 hp which was 95 hp before 2017. They are also EURO IV compliant after 2017.[10][11] The price was also reduced to approximately $25,000.[12]

It is planned to be upgraded again in 2019.


The Ego reaches 0-60 mph in 3 seconds - which is to be expected because of its electric motor. It has 43 mm Marzocchi suspension in front along with parking assist and Brembo brakes with features such as ABS and anti-rollover systems.[6] Due to the heavy weight of the bike, it's difficult to do wheelie or shimmy on it.[8] Also, according to some reviewers, the suspension is relatively softly calibrated. It has a controller named a "VCU" by Energica, similar to an ESC. It is claimed to be controlling all aspects - from battery to engine (including engine braking) by Energica.

The EGO has a range of approximately 100 miles under normal use (120 in "eco" mode).[6] However, when ridden hard, its range is only 31 miles.

The battery can be recharged to 85% in 30 minutes at fast charging station (mode 4, DC fast charge), or 100% in 3 and half hours (mode 2 or 3, 220 Volts). However, it takes 8 hours to full charge on standard US power supply of 110 Volts. The battery life is 1200 cycles at 80% capacity.[13]


The first prototype was finished by Energica in 2013, and the vehicle went into production later with sales starting from 2015. According to Top Speed, currently it is facing "Inventory shortage" as the production is less than demand.[14]


Single make electric motorcycle class (MotoE) will be added to MotoGP from 2019.[5] It will be a single make class, unlike race between different manufacturers. A performance oriented model Ego Corsa will be used for MotoE.[15][16]

Energica Ego
Manufacturer energicamotor.com
Parent company Energica Motorcycle Company
Class Sportbike
Top speed 245 km/h (150 mph)
Power 107 kW (145 hp)
Torque 200 Nm
Transmission Electric with Neutral and Park assist
Frame type Steel trellis
Suspension Front: 43 mm, adjustable rebound and compression damping, Spring preload Rear: Swingarm on mono shock, Adjustable Rebound, Spring Preload
Brakes Brembo

Front: 2X 330 mm radial discs, 4 pistons caliper,

Rear: Single 240mm disc, 2 pistons caliper
Tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

front: 120/70 Rim 17

rear: 180/55 Rim 17
Wheelbase 58.9 inches (1465 mm)
Dimensions L: 84.2 inches (2140 mm)
W: 34.3 inches (870 mm)
H: 48 inches (1220 mm)
Seat height 31.3 inches (795 mm)
Weight 258-280 kg (dry)
Range 80-120 miles
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