BT Moto ECU Custom Mapping - Ducati Panigale V2 - 2020+

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Ducati Handheld Tuner with Custom Mapping

No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all. You order the handheld, it gets delivered to you, you flash your bike. You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU.

The Ducati V2 is probably one of the most capable street bikes we have ever tested. Every aspect of this bike is AMAZING, it’s an updated Ducati 959 at a steal of a price. At BrenTuning Moto, we take bikes that are already amazing and make them spectacular. The Ducati V2 is no exception.

Our work with the Panigale V4/1299/1199/959/899/848 Handheld Tuner has helped us develop what we consider the best upgrade you can get for your Panigale V2. We have found the refreshed 2020 V2 has a lot of positive changes, not only visually, but also on the software side. Remember we use factory information and reverse engineer we don’t use incomplete or cheap guessing “Race” editors like our competitors do.

We had to re-develop fuel map strategies from square one. Ignition maps and throttle mapping are also all new for 2021 Ducati V2. One of the big complaints for the V2 was the twitchy throttle that could make the bike buck in a corner along with the big torque HOLE from 4-8,000rpm. The next issue is the exhaust valve problem, bad start and idling, and low power at midrange due to extremely lean fueling.

At the moment we have mapping for: stock exhaust, Akrapovic, Arrow and Termignoni (Other mapping is possible based on our best guesses but recommend AFR confirmation post flashing)

What Does Stage 1 Include?

  • Correct fueling on both banks in “Alpha N” mode
  • Deceleration fuel cut off for all gears, the bike will no longer jerk from throttle inputs
  • Raise rev limiter
  • Unlock startup dash message to read “Racing EVO” (Like UpMap)
  • Raised torque limiters
  • Raised load limiters
  • Revised traction control and ABS
  • Ignition timing adjustments
  • Exhaust valve adjustments

Anyone that has the Akra up-map will say the bike feels a lot more lively than stock. So how does our Stage 1 flash compare? Beta testers and our own R&D reveal a VAST improvement over the stock map and even the up-map from Akra.

Video - 2020 Ducati V2 Dyno Testing BrenTuning Moto Stage 1

Why Is This The Best Upgrade You Can Buy?

Currently, there is only one option to flash the V2 and it requires the purchase of an exhaust system. This option is mostly just fuelling changes and can be dramatically improved upon. How do we know? We’ve tested all options extensively and can say with 100% confidence that our flash is superior in every way. The up-map flash option cannot be purchased independently without the purchase of an exhaust. So what do people with all other exhausts do? There’s nothing they can do at the moment. Our mapping is currently the only truly developed and tuned file using true Conti M4D Ducati function sheets and mapping accordingly, using our in-house motorcycle and dynometer and datalogging. Not just nudging numbers in generic editors, with no testing, like we see so many people do.

With or without an exhaust flash, we all know the Ducati V2 is a great bike! We also know it isn’t perfect. Issues that we’ve tested ourselves and what customers have reported include the following:

  • There’s only one flashing option (Akra provided mapping) and they require you to spend thousands on a new exhaust system to go with them. Our product will work on all used systems, or used bikes, where you don’t need a VIN specific Up-Map. We are the ONLY stand alone flash option on the market!
  • Stalling for no reason during idle
  • Startup issues when exhaust is installed
  • Smoking issue and hard starting in all temperatures
  • Issues when exhaust is installed
  • Acceleration that isn’t smooth through the entire RPM range due to inaccurate AFR
  • Engine seems to struggle (lurch or jump through RPM range, 4000 – 8000 RPM) if too warm
  • Power that seems to level off (flatten) after 8,000 RPM

So What Do We Do About This?

After extensive R&D with our own, in-house, Ducati V2 and select “beta” testers, we can confidently say that we successfully addressed each issue and improved every performance aspect of the V2:

  • No more stalling at idle for no reason
  • Deceleration fuel cut off fixed (a BT only feature)
  • No startup issues with exhaust installed
  • Acceleration is now smooth through the entire RPM range
  • Engine performs the same with the engine warm or hot
  • No problematic Fault codes

But I Already Have A Flash That Came With My Exhaust. Why Do I Need This?

When you buy an Akrapovic full system you get a map from the dealer to upload. You are not allowed to upload this yourself. Only a dealer can do this after verifying VIN and purchase. The flash is very basic. Rev limit is increased, AFR (air fuel ratio) is changed to accommodate the new exhaust and the ignition map is altered. Our testing found that there wasn’t really a lot of research done on these changes and MUCH could be improved upon. There’s no available updates or changes (should you decide to upgrade more engine components) and it’s made for pump fuel only.

Further product information can be found on the BT Moto web site:

BT Moto Ducati Panigale V2 2020+   here

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We are happy to discuss your tuning requirements!

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