BT Moto ECU Custom Mapping - Ducati 1299 Panigale - 2015-2017

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Ducati Handheld Tuner with Custom Mapping

No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all. You order the handheld, it gets delivered to you, you flash your bike. You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU.

A new product to the market with 6+ years of testing. After our success with the BMW S1000RR we picked the next most popular bike that has a big void in tuning: Ducati 1299 Panigale. Our main priorities were offering an easy solution to those who want to load and go and have the best features enabled, and have the ability to work with current fuel and ignition device and add to the feature list for those who want to customize.

We started with the RACE ecu base, not the watered down US version, but the fully functional race ID’s for all the Ducati models. This enables many features not found in a standard Ducati bike and then we took it many steps further. We got rid of the vertical and horizontal fuelling style and converted each ECU to an Alpha-N style fuelling model for increases in power, response, and accurate fuelling models. After this we made several corrections and additions to the RACE ecu, based off common complaints and known issues with the mapping and driveability. Lastly we dyno tuned the bikes for maximum power on all fuels in all weather, using the two exhausts we found through extensive testing to work best for power, Terminogi and Akrapovic, along with stock and gutted cans.

We also designed our flashes to work with all other mapping devices on the market if you chose (RapidBike, PC5, Bazazz) but we offer so much more then fuel and ignition offset. While it does work with RapidBike units, we find that RapidBike is constantly trying to “learn out” our positive readability changes. While they do work it is not ideal.

What Does Stage 1 Include?

  • 10% power gain / 8% torque on pump fuel 14% power gain and 10% torque on race fuel
  • 3 MPH ¼ mile trap speed increase as observed with in-house ¼ mile testing.
  • Ability to ride bike at lower or mid rpms without bucking and jerking found in factory tune.
  • Less aggressive ABS / DTC bike intervention for more experienced rider looking to shave seconds off their lap times
  • Flash in / flash out RACE / UP ECU (Racing EVO) for all models
  • RACE ABS / TC settings
  • Ignition Timing for almost every fuel
  • Full throttle limiters removed
  • Engine braking corrections in all modes
  • Removal of known flat spots from entire RPM range
  • Speed and rev limit adjusted for maximum power
  • Lambda limiter corrections
  • Throttle valve corrections
  • Adaptation to race fuels.
  • Early “fan-on” temp to keep your bike cooler
  • Stronger idle speed to combat stalling on warm up.
  • Quick-shifter “kill times” reduced for faster shifting
  • Reshaped torque model for more power at all rpms part or full throttle
  • 4 mode tuning (If applicable)
  • All RACE ECU and factory bike driveability quirks
  • Convert your base model Panigale bike (if applicable straight to race + R settings at no additional cost)
  • Exhaust valve on/off (if applicable)
  • Real conversion of ALPHA-N and proper tuning of both banks
  • Actual power tuning (no 2-3hp gains)
  • Pre-mapped for popular exhaust options
  • Full conversions for base model bikes to the upper series ECU

Further product information can be found on the BT Moto web site:

BT Moto Ducati 1299 Panigale 2015-2017   here

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Make Ducati
Model 1299 Panigale
Year 2015, 2016, 2017
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