BT Moto ECU Custom Mapping - BMW S1000RR 2017-2019

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BMW Handheld Tuner with Custom Mapping

2 ECU Flash options: Stage 2, Stage 3

What's included in the Stage 2 ECU Flash:

  • Fuelling changes: Air mass, idle, part/full throttle and Lambda correction maps for all exhausts
  • Ignition changes: Base, limiter, optimum ignition, optimum angle, correction maps
  • Throttle changes: Remove 80% WOT limiter, perfect throttle twist adjustment for all desired load angles for maximum response control and power under the curve
  • Torque changes: Adjust torque model to align with new power of bike and limiter removal
  • Quickshifter changes: Shorter up and downshift dead times for maximum driveability and acceleration
  • Adaptive ignition/fuel calculation for maximum performance and response for upgraded fuel qualities
  • Early fan-on
  • More aggressive and stronger launch control, no more 3 launch max limit
  • Each cylinder tuned individually for maximum power and reliability
  • Recalibrated knock control
  • Recalibrated torque control for all traction control modes (sport, race, slick)
  • Adjustable tyre size and TC/ABS per customer request
  • Full “AlphaN” fueling conversion
  • Transmission gear box limiters raised
  • Factory exhaust valve control
  • Recalibrated intake air temp and coolant temp compensation tables for max performance in all weather conditions
  • Raised load torque limits
  • Drastically improved throttle / engine response at all throttle angles
  • Drastically decreased delay times in quickshifter response on both up and downshift
  • Removed bottom end dead spot in low RPM range
  • Smoother powerband

Built on the foundation of the already popular Stage 2, Stage 3 Flash goes a few steps further:

  • Cooling fan mod is now available on all BMSP BMW motorcycles
  • Full flap control for valved exhausts
  • Full recalculation of the ASC torque control for straight line and cornering for maximum performance
  • Per cylinder fuel tuning designed around the Akrapovic header and other high-flow exhaust systems
  • Remapped throttle angles for increased bottom end, mid-range and increased top end
  • Better power on all fuels
  • Higher trap speeds in real world testing
  • Smoother idle speeds and fuelling for full exhaust systems
  • Fully recalibrated UP and DOWN shifts for faster quick-shifter timing
  • Better cooling in staging lanes, idling for drag strip or circuit racing

Further product information can be found on the BT Moto web site:

BT Moto BMW S1000RR 201-2019   here

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Country of Manufacture United States
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Make BMW
Model S1000RR
Year 2017, 2018, 2019
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