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Aprilia Handheld Tuner with Custom Mapping

No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all. You order the handheld, it gets delivered to you, you flash your bike. You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU.

Through careful testing of the Stock ECU and Aprilia Race ECU calibrations, BT Moto were able to find 32 power maps and limiters holding back the otherwise excellent 205HP powerplant.

The BM Moto Stage 1 RSV4 1100 Factory ECU flash converts the bike to full “Alpha-N” fuelling and utilizes the factory oxygen sensors for precise fuel corrections on and off throttle. Improvements in throttle response, rideability, cruising and of course, power, are all immediately apparent. Limiters raised for racing and road course use where you need to extend gears. 205MPH is found on the factory GPS meter with ease.

Advantage with Stage 1:

  • On average, gains of 7–14HP from the midrange and up were found over the baseline on a typical exhaust/filter bike with 93 octane fuel (US rating) in the tank (Larger gains with race fuel)
  • Early Fan-On – At 200 degrees, your Aprilia starts to pull power from the engine. We change this to 185 degrees to avoid this power loss in stop and go traffic
  • Changes to fuelling including part, mid and full-throttle while in Alpha-N configuration per cylinder
  • Optimization of ignition timing at part and mid throttle for all fuel qualities
  • Adjustments to torque limiting to allow the bike to make 100% of its available engine torque at high load
  • Changes to rev limiter per-gear tables for widest and safest possible powerband as the factory 1100 cuts short in lower and upper gears
  • Aggressive adjustments to engine braking along with decel fueling for road course use
  • Changes in factory unstable engine idle for stability and consistency off-throttle
  • Changes to a full 100% throttle opening in all modes, versus a limited table
  • Gains throughout the whole curve on all fuel qualities with no loss in power anywhere on the RPM band
  • Changes to ABS, DTC, and wheelie intervention for more available power and control for a performance oriented rider
  • Racing ECU base upgrades are standard and included
  • BM Moto recommends dropping a tooth in the front sprocket or up 2 in the back sprocket for best performance

Q & A's

What does a BT Moto handheld tuner do?
The BT Moto handheld tuner stores multiple maps that you can change at any time. Unlike the mail-in ECU option, this means no downtime for your motorcycle while we do the flashing process. You can also go back to your stock mapping at any time you'd like and even read and clear engine faults. Additionally, some models will allow for DTC reading / clearing and maintenance light resets.

How does the BT Moto handheld tuning process work?
Easy, you purchase the handheld, we ship it to you. Use the BT Moto handheld tuner to copy your motorcycles stock file (motorcycle will still run fine after this) then email that to Motobull. BT Moto will then create a file from your stock mapping and we will email it back to you so can upload it to the handheld. Once uploaded you'll be able to flash your motorcycle with the BT Moto handheld tuner.

How do I put my motorcycle back to stock with the BT Moto handheld?
Go to "Work" -> "Writing" -> "Original" in the handheld and then it'll load the original factory stock file to your motorcycle.

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Model RSV4 1100 Factory
Year 2019, 2020, 2021
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